Suiteness BlogFamily Travel Pro Tip #5: Get Vacation BabysittersWritten by Divya MulanjurPublished August 5, 2016

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Parents, we bring you vacation babysitters.

Vacationing with your kids can be exciting as you introduce them to parts of the world they’ve never seen. But it can be exhausting running after them, leaving you feeling as if you didn’t get to spend any quality time with just your partner. Our luxury hotels understand that, offering babysitters and childcare services. So book that romantic dinner for two or go to an adult-appropriate show.

Reconnect and reminisce with your significant other while you’re far away from reality’s mundane routine. Our luxury hotels offer reliable and safe childcare services but we know as parents, it’s hard to trust a stranger with your child. If you have any questions regarding the babysitting services, such as the hiring and background-checking processes used in hiring the sitters, our hotels will openly provide you the information you need in order to make sure your child will be taken care of. Check out our luxury hotels that offer childcare facilities:

  1. Standard One Bedroom Suite, Boulan South Beach, Miami
  2. Beachcomber Fire Pit Suite, Loews Santa Monica, LA
  3. Executive Suite, Loews Regency Hotel, NYC
  4. Bedroom Suite + Guestroom The Arch, London

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