Upgrade to a Suite for Your Next Group Trip

Why book a vacation rental when you can upgrade to a luxury suite? The shared space and private rooms that a vacation rental offers are great. But putting your precious vacation in the hands of someone renting out a space for extra money is a risk.

You, your friends, or your family deserve the professional service that you can only get in a luxury hotel. Booking a suite gives you the service and amenities of a great hotel and the space you need from a vacation rental.

The Benefits of Suites For Groups

2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bedrooms, you have options that are not available on other sites. Instead of booking a block of rooms you can all be in the same suite.

A suite offers a more luxurious experience than a regular hotel room. Hotels hold back their best inventory for their best customers. Suiteness makes your group a VIP without the extra effort of calling around to find available suites.