smoking weed in Vegas

What You Need To Know About Smoking Pot in Las Vegas

November 8th, 2016 was a historic night for Nevada. The state voted to legalize recreational marijuana, taking a firm stance on one of the most pressing issues of our time. Given that Nevada, and particularly Las Vegas, is already known for an open attitude toward harmless vices, this decision is likely to reinforce its existing reputation.

Your Guide to Recreational Marijuana in Vegas

If you're considering a trip to Vegas, you may be wondering how the new marijuana laws apply to you. While the substance has been legalized, it’s not as simple as drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco. The following guide will explain exactly how to use it legally.

Is it legal to smoke pot in Vegas?

Yes, but only in private residences, including on porches or in yards. If you’re only visiting Vegas, you’ll have to try it in a friend’s home or find a hotel that allows its guests to smoke.

Can I smoke pot in my hotel room in Vegas?

It depends on the hotel’s policies. Many lodgings are still deciding how permissive they want to be about marijuana use. While large numbers of them allow guests to smoke tobacco, not all will add marijuana to the list. Hotels that are also casinos are legally prohibited from allowing you to smoke marijuana.

How much pot can I buy in Vegas?

You are allowed to buy and possess up to one ounce of the drug at a time when you are in public. The only exception is if you have a Nevada Medical Marijuana card, in which case you can buy and possess up to 2.5 ounces at a time from a licensed dispensary.

Is it legal to smoke pot on the Las Vegas Strip?

No, you cannot. While alcohol can be consumed on the Strip, the same has not been applied to smoking pot. One way that travelers find a way to get around this is to consume edibles, which is technically not legal but it does not attract attention. All edibles must, and will, carry warning labels about the delayed effects of consuming it (it might take up to 2 hours for the effects to be realized) and should be taken into account, especially by newbies.

Can I smoke pot in a casino?

No, casinos are prohibited from selling marijuana, allowing their guests to smoke it, investing in marijuana distributors, or allowing marijuana distributors to invest in them. Edibles are also technically not legal in casinos, though in practice, it is much easier to consume them there.

Do I need a medical certificate to smoke pot in a Vegas hotel?

It depends on that hotel’s policies. Some establishments allow medical use but not recreational; others ban both; still others allow both. You should always check with the owner of any hotel you book or apartment you rent before smoking marijuana there.

Are there marijuana tours in Vegas?

At present, there are no marijuana tours in Nevada. As the details of the new law are ironed out and locals gain a better sense of where they can use marijuana legally, tours will likely spring up in Vegas and across the state.