Defined as the type of place that demands ski boots and stilettos alike, Nevada is home to a stunning myriad of contrasts, with Las Vegas as its crowning jewel. This merry desert bursts into life at night, showcasing a dazzling display of colorful lights that blend perfectly with the vibrant atmosphere. Contrary to popular belief, this state offers more than just a swarm of casinos - in fact, Nevada boasts plenty of parks and lakes, ideal for setting up camp as you indulge in some much-needed escapism in the wilderness. While Lake Tahoe is undeniably the most popular camping site, several visitors also flock to the lesser-known, albeit equally picturesque Topaz Lake, which is located near the Nevada-California border. Because it regroups a high number of ski resorts, Nevada is also one of the most popular winter destinations in North America. Whether you’re organizing a group get together in Las Vegas, or a family outdoor adventure, let Suiteness help you plan your perfect Nevada trip.

Cities in Nevada