Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

We're sure you've heard the cheesy saying "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." And although social media nowadays might beg to differ, one thing still rings true. This is a place let loose, forget tomorrow and, maybe, turn off your Snapchat story. From dream suites to buzzing clubs, champagne-fueled dancing, and next day pool and spa treatments to recover.

Fire off some guns, watch the Chippendales strip, shop to break the bank, and do some wooing through the sunroof of a limo. No judgement, after all, it is Vegas. So here's our definitive Las Vegas bachelorette party guide.

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Guide

Getting to Las Vegas

First and foremost, let's quickly look over arrival options and when to go. In terms of when to visit Las Vegas, you'll find Holiday weekends are when prices skyrocket the most, people just love any chance to run off. Additionally, you'll find that the relative low season for Las Vegas is the summer.

But before you start looking for deals, we strongly advise you consider the soul-crushing heat that will make a brisk walk down The Strip seem like your heels are melting onto the sidewalk. Summer averages in Las Vegas typically flare at around a minimum 100 to 110-degrees. Although if you're heading for the Labor Day or Memorial Weekend pool party extravaganza, then start booking. Lastly, with the exception of a few dates, the colder months will also offer up lower rates, and some perfect 70-degree averages.

How to get there...

If you're driving into Las Vegas with your friends, then you can skip this part. However, if you're like most of us, with friends all over the place, you'll be flying in. In that case, here are a few pro-tips you'll want to take into account:

  • Designate a meeting place: if you can't all arrive together or at the same time, we'd say meet at the hotel.
  • Plan ahead for transportation: mainly, just figure out if you'll be renting a car, taking a cab or calling an Uber. Some hotels will also offer complimentary shuttle service, but take the complimentary part with a grain of salt.
  • Beware of the cab route: unless you're a regular, you won't know of the dreaded tunnel route that adds another 15 dollars to your fare. So make sure your driver takes the paradise route instead.

For anything else, check out our Getting Around Las Vegas section.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

This is likely one of the more important choices you'll make, so there's a few things to keep in mind that will make your choice a little easier. For one, you want to consider the in-house amenities a hotel already has: spas, pool clubs, and shopping venues. Second, you want to think of location. Luckily, there are more than a few suites meeting these requirements.

Hotels with suites:

What's a bachelorette party if you don't spend every waking minute together? Suiteness has the best options for you to stay together with your girlfriends and here are some of your top choices:

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, is one of Vegas' swankiest and trendiest hotels, boasting celebrity-chef restaurants and the Marquee nightclub and dayclub, known for throwing some of the best parties in town. Check out their Two Bedroom Chelsea Penthouse, ideal for large groups looking to party.

Wynn Las Vegas is nother great option for a palatial stay. Treat yourselves to a mani-pedi and in-room massage, and take up a cabana with your friends at the Encore Beach Club. Check out our Las Vegas Pools section for more on that. But beware of rowdy bachelors on the prowl, although, I wouldn't say no to some free drinks.

For a larger group, and one of the more popular suites, check out the Forum Classic Emperors Suite, at Caesars Palace. This suite is also known as The Hangover suite, or that place those guys trashed in the movie. Staying at Caesars Palace will also get you close to some of the top Las Vegas' attractions, like The Forum Shops and the Caesars Palace Spa. Lastly, if none of these tickled your attention, you can click here for more Las Vegas bachelorette suites.

Things to do in Las Vegas

To be fair, there is so much to do that actually planning it out can be a little hard. So let's dial back to beginning of your trip, and plan out your days from the minute you touch foot at the hotel.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Where to eat...

To start, you'll want to book a good spot for dinner. Personally, we'd say book a table at Nobu and get ready for some life-changing sushi. Also, check out their signature Miso black cod delight! And if you didn't drink enough at dinner, then maybe hit up a casino (they will not be hard to find), enjoy some drinks on the house and do some gambling. Win or loose it's free booze, so really, there are no losers in this equation.

Where to party...

As a quick aside. Be sure to make a pitstop at Felx Cocktail Bar for a "mansplaining" free zone and some fun drag shows. Also, ahem: male strippers, pool tables, and karaoke.

Now on to the clubs... If you're looking for some over-the-top, dancing on tables till you drop, kinda fun, then Marquee, Omnia, XS, and Tao Nightclub are a good place to start. These nightclubs pack enough sound system and luxury to give you a night you won't forget (or remember what-at-all). Also, Vegas is full of partygoers, so you might meet some fun people while you're at it. Kick off the heels and let loose.

And if you're in it for the long haul... grab a late-night bite with your friends at the Grand Lux Cafe, order up some gilt free eggwhite omelets, recharge batteries, and make your way over to Drai's on the strip, or Artisan Hotel off-Strip, for an all-night party.

For everything else there's...

Shopping in Las Vegas

No trip would be complete without these magic S’s. Visit The Forum at Caesar’s Palace or check out the enormous mall inside the Venetian hotel. Both considered shopping destinations and bound to sooth your retail therapy needs. Also, if you have the time, the public floors at The Cosmopolitan are the equivalent of a Vogue cover, with the Marni, Prada, and Gucci stores lined up in a row.

Spas in Las Vegas

And for the ultimate pampering, book a spa appointment at the Mandarin Oriental, offering a variety of wet rooms, relaxation lounges and a great view of the Strip. Sipping on a mimosa with your best girlfriends and watching the city lights while you while away in a jacuzzi is nothing short of royal.

Shows in Las Vegas

And no we did not forget The Chippendales. You can't do a Las Vegas Bachelorette party without the guiltiest pleasure on the list. Be sure to book your show tickets in advance and single out a night to wine and dine on some glorious rock-hard abs.

Other Activities in Las Vegas

Full transparency, activities in Vegas will split themselves up between things you do while you're drinking, and things you do when you're not. Although granted these will sometimes combine. As is the case for The Range 702, where you can fire off a machine gun, while enjoying a private hostess, restaurant, and bar. For something a little more 'wholesome,' try some exotics car racing or Las Vegas ATV Tours. Be sure to check out the group deals for all three of these. Other nearby attractions include Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon if you're all up for the trip.

Las Vegas Pro-tips

There are a few things you always wanna keep in mind when throwing a bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Some evident, others not so much. But keeping to a few of these tips should help keep your trip positively memorable, save for a few foggy nights here and there.