Las Vegas Bachelor Party

America's primed Sin City is also the world's biggest adult playground, and likely the world's proverbial bachelor party destination. From gun ranges to driving a tank over a car, booze-fueled gambling, explosive pool parties, buffets, strip clubs, palace-like suites, all-night clubs and anything else, you name it. Las Vegas is a Bachelor Party Mecca, so we scoured our experience and our guests' feedback, and put together our definitive, bachelor party guide.

Getting to Las Vegas

First and foremost let's quickly look over arrival options and when to go. In terms of when to visit Las Vegas, you'll find Holiday weekends are when prices skyrocket the most, people just love any chance to run off. Additionally, you'll find that the relative low season for Las Vegas is the summer.

But before you start looking for deals, we strongly advise you consider the soul-crushing heat that will make a brisk walk down The Strip seem like a torturous walk of atonement. Summer averages in Las Vegas typically flare at around a minimum 100 to 110-degrees. Although if you're heading for the Labor Day or Memorial Weekend pool party extravaganza, then start booking. With the exception of a few dates, the colder months will also offer up lower rates and perfect 70-degree averages.

On to the getting part...

If you're just driving into Las Vegas with your bachelor crew then you can skip this part. However, if you're like most of us, with friends all over the place, you'll be flying in. In that case, here are a few pro-tips you'll want to take into account:

  • Designate a meeting place: if you can't all arrive together or at the same time, we'd say meet at the hotel.
  • Plan ahead for transportation: mainly, just figure out if you'll be renting a car, taking a cab or calling an Uber. Some hotels will also offer a complimentary shuttle service, but take the complimentary part with a grain of salt.
  • Beware of the cab route: unless you're a regular, you won't know of the dreaded tunnel route that adds another 15 dollars to your fare. So make sure your driver takes the paradise route instead.

For anything else, check out our How to Get Around in Las Vegas section.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

There are, of course, a dizzying number of options when it comes to Las Vegas hotels. But it's a bachelor party, not your average minivan vacation, so you'll be happy to find that not only does Vegas pack a milieu of awesome suites, a good few of them are essentially made for bachelor parties. If you're wondering about where and how to stay together with your whole entourage, you've come to right place.

First off, there's The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. If you're ready to break the bank, here you'll find a host of celebrity chef restaurants and the famed Marquee, likely one of the best nightclubs in the country. Go all in and book the West End Penthouse.

Another great option for some royal treatment is The Cromwell. There's also the The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino...they have suites with stripper poles. Enough said.

For a larger group, and one the more popular suites, check out the Forum Classic Emperors Suite, at Caesars Palace. Also known as The Hangover suite, or that place those guys trashed in the movie. Staying at Caesars Palace will also get you close to some of Las Vegas prime attractions, like some of the best pools around. Check out our Las Vegas Pools section for more on that, and always keep in mind nearby attractions when booking your hotel. Lastly if none of these tickled your attention, you can click here for more suites in Las Vegas.

What to do in Las Vegas

Now, this is a question that might have your head spinning, so we thought it best to dial back to beginning of your trip and plan out your days from the minute you touch foot at your hotel.

Starting off the night...

You want to find a good spot to kick off the celebration, personally, we like SW Steakhouse. Treat yourselves to some authentic Kobe beef, or try their chili-rubbed double rib eye for some meat heaven. And if you didn't drink enough at dinner, then maybe hit up a casino (they will not be hard to find), enjoy some drinks on the house and do some gambling. Win or loose it's free booze, so really, there are no losers in this equation.

Where to party

An almost redundant question in a place like Vegas. But we have our favorites, and there are a few spots we'd put at the top of your list. If you're looking for some over-the-top, wake up naked in the desert kind of place, then Marquee, Omnia, XS, and Tao Nightclub are a good place to start. These nightclubs pack enough sound system and lighting tech power to dance your way into the best night of your life...and an equally grand hangover.

But if you're in it for the long haul... you can grab a quick late-night bite at the Grand Lux Cafe, order up some quick ass omelets and buffalo chicken rolls, recharge batteries, and make your way over to Drai's on the strip, or Artisan Hotel off-Strip, for an all-night rager.

Other activities

To be fair activities in Vegas will split themselves up between things you do while you're drinking, and things you do when you're not. Although granted these will sometimes combine. As is the case for The Range 702, where you can fire off on their gun range, while enjoying a private hostess, restaurant, and bar. For something a little more 'wholesome,' try some exotics car racing or Las Vegas ATV Tours. Be sure to check out the group deals for all three of these. Other nearby attractions include Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon if you're all up for the trip.

For everything else, of course, there's the gentleman's clubs...

Where are the ladies? Well, everywhere. Stand up to a bar long enough and you'll have a date, maybe not for free but, still a date. Outside of that, Las Vegas Strip Clubs are no mystery to anyone. Regular favorites include: the opulent Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire day club, and the infamous Green Door Swingers/Social Club, take your pick. Do keep in mind, gentleman's clubs will offer free limo services for groups of six or more. Not a bad bet if you haven't rented out a personal driver. Which brings us to our last stop...

Las Vegas Pro-tips

There are a few things you always wanna keep in mind while taking on Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Some evident, others not so much. But keeping to a few of these tips should help keep your trip positively memorable, save for a few blackouts here and there.