Gay Las Vegas

Las Vegas is currently one of the top LGBT travel destinations in the world. This sprawling city packs an active growing LGBT community and offers an exclusive social scene, tailored to all its visitors' interests. Lesbian parties and gay clubs dot the city, while a long list of LGBT pool parties, musicals, shows, and of course, a growing cultural sphere, crowded with singles.

When to Visit Las Vegas

In terms of when to visit Las Vegas, you'll find Holiday weekends are when prices skyrocket the most. Additionally, you'll find that the relative low season for Las Vegas is the summer. And while Las Vegas summer temperatures average the hundreds, the Labor Day and Memorial Weekend pool party extravaganzas are well worth it. Book the summer if you're looking for some amazing parties and a lively young crowd. With the exception of a few dates, the colder months will also offer up lower rates and lovely 70-degree averages.

A few things to consider...

If you're flying into Las Vegas as opposed to just driving there, we have a few tips that should ease the process.

  • Plan ahead for transportation: mainly, just figure out if you'll be renting a car, taking a cab or calling an Uber. Some hotels will also offer complimentary shuttle service, but take the 'complimentary' part with a grain of salt.
  • Beware of the cab route: unless you're a regular, you won't know of the dreaded tunnel route that adds another 15 dollars to your fare. So make sure your driver takes the paradise route instead.

You can read up a little more on airports and public transportation in Vegas, here.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

As you probably know already, Las Vegas is crowded with some of the worlds biggest and best hotels. All of which offer a broad list of amazing suites for groups, casinos, clubs, spas, restaurants and shopping venue. Essentially, a lot of these hotels are their own world. So choose right, and you might have little need for leaving your hotel at all. Who knows, you might even get a few hours of sleep and rest from your adventures.

First off... The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas likely tops our list as one the most glamorous hotels in Las Vegas. It might also have one of the most LGBT-friendly casinos in town. If you don't mind some up-market rates, you'll find amazing in-house restaurants, and the Marquee nightclub, which also happens to host Freedom, one of the best gay parties in Las Vegas.

Other great options... include the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, one of the largest hotels in the world. There's also the more sophisticated Aria Resort & Casino, part of MGM's sprawling City Center complex. This eco-friendly Hotel also has some amazing suites. Check out their Sky Villa if you're traveling with a group and looking to indulge.

Last but not least is Caesars Palace, which includes great Las Vegas' attractions, like their Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis (name says it all). Check out our Las Vegas Pools section for more on that. And remember to always keep in mind in-house amenities when booking your stay.

Where to Party

An almost redundant question in a place like Vegas. But we have our favorites, and there are a few spots we'd put at the top of your list. Marquee, Omnia, Tao nightclub, and Share (think gorgeous dancers) are all a great place to start. These nightclubs pack enough sound system and lighting tech power to dance your way into the best night of your life.

However, Vegas is also host to some great LGBT parties and pool bacchanals that are well worth checking out...

Gay Parties in Las Vegas

  • FREEDOM at Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan: One of the newest and best gay parties in Vegas, offers a rousing good time, not to mention some seriously beautiful dancers.
  • Temptation Sundays at the Luxor Las Vegas: if you're not keen on the crowded, sweaty bodies, deafening music and searing sun of the average Vegas pool party, Temptation Sundays is a welcome alternative. Book a cabana and enjoy the relaxed vibes and great music.
  • REVO Sundays at Revolution Lounge: Sunday is gay night in Las Vegas, making the fun vibe and popular tunes here a great place to meet someone.

Other activities

To be fair, activities in Vegas will split themselves up between things you do while you're drinking, and things you do when you're not. Although granted these will sometimes combine. As is the case for The Range 702, where you can fire off on their gun range, while enjoying a private hostess, restaurant, and bar.

For something a little more 'wholesome,' try exotics car racing or venture out with Las Vegas ATV Tours. And if you're traveling with friends, be sure to check out the group deals for all three of these. Other nearby attractions include Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon, if you're up for the trip.

For everything else, there's Shops and Spas...

Visit The Forum at Caesar’s Palace or check out the enormous mall inside the Venetian hotel. Both considered shopping destinations—and bound to sooth your retail therapy needs. Also, if you have the time, the public floors at the Cosmopolitan are the equivalent of a Vogue cover, with the Marni, Prada, and Gucci stores lined up in a row. For more information, check out our Las Vegas Shopping Guide.

And for some prime-time pampering, book a spa appointment at Canyon Ranch Spa. Disappear into their current controlled pools and enjoy some lunch, and drinks, at the Canyon Ranch Grill. Also, consider the Mandarin Oriental, offering a variety of wet rooms, relaxation lounges and a great view of the Strip.

To top off your trip... Las Vegas has some amazing shows and performances, from Celine Dion to some fabulous drag shows at Flex Cocktail Bar (definitely worth the pitstop while you're out). Check below for some of the more popular choices.

Las Vegas Shows