Las Vegas Attractions

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Las Vegas Attractions

Despite an uptick in Summer weather that might make your hotel's pool a prime attraction, Las Vegas has plenty of sightseeing to offer, particularly when it comes to its impressively themed hotels. Get out your camera and get ready to be a tourist.

Sightseeing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip | The Strip

Our first and foremost obvious recommendation, the Strip is lined with Vegas' numerous themed hotels, landmarks, and street side entertainment. Most sightseeing on the Las Vegas Strip will run from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Treasure Island Hotel, and include all manner of amusement, from dancing fountains, to Venetian canals and erupting volcanos. Be sure to experience the Strip at night, when it is aflame with a seemingly endless stream of dazzling neon lights.

Venetian Hotel, Gondola Rides | The Strip

This startling hotel features numerous attractions. Built to resemble the famed Italian city of Venice, the Venetian boasts a themed shopping center with illuminated painted ceilings, water canals, and gondoliers that taxi visitors up and down the waterways. Hop on a gondola ride to best appreciate the ambitious splendor of this hotel.

Bellagio, Dancing Fountains | The Strip

Another famous Las Vegas landmark, the Bellagio hotel boasts an impressive art gallery and botanical gardens. But its most impressive attraction is the water show put on by the hotel's dancing fountains to the sound of music. The fountains are easily accessible and if you make it in time, you'll have front row suites to one of the most popular free shows in Las Vegas.

Paris Hotel, Eiffel Tower | The Strip

Quite literally a scale model of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, this major Las Vegas landmark is well worth visiting for its sheer enterprise. Anyhow, you might have some fun fooling your Instagram followers into thinking you're actually in France. If they need more proof, just stroll down to the Paris Opera House replica for some more uncanny snaps.

New York-New York Hotel | The Strip

Yeap, there's a few more replicas to see. The stunningly amusing design of this hotel was made to resemble the New York skyline—including the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty. Sure it won't beat the real thing, but it still makes for some great sightseeing. When you're done enjoying the view from below, try and get in line and ride the roller coaster circling the hotel for a few close ups.

Caesars Palace, Colosseum | The Strip

Besides the massive Caesars Forum shops, complete with Greco-roman architecture and marble fountain replicas and statues, Caesars Palace's main attraction is the jaw-dropping Colosseum concert venue. The Colosseum at Caesars Palace regularly schedules shows with top performers and is a safe bet for any visitors looking to see Las Vegas' top attractions. Check out dates and ticket availability for shows before planning your trip.

Stratosphere Tower | The Strip

One of Las Vegas' most recognizable landmarks, the 1,149 feet tower rises over the Las Vegas skyline and boasts an indoor and outdoor observation deck with overwhelming views of the surrounding landscape. And for those looking for a bit more of a thrill, try the tower's rides: Skyjump, Big Shot, X Scream, and Insanity. The names alone should be self-explanatory of what we mean by "...a bit more of a thrill".

Luxor Hotel | The Strip

Another startling Las Vegas themed hotel, the Luxor is shaped like a pyramid and boasts a grand Sphinx that faces out towards the Strip. Besides the obvious sightseeing opportunity of its peculiar design, the Luxor is also worth witnessing at night, when a beam of light projects from the highest point of the pyramid and shoots up into the night sky.

High Roller Ferris Wheel | The Strip

Not quite your average Ferris Wheel, this major Las Vegas attraction is little ways off the Strip and on the Linq hotel Promenade. Towering over 550 feet high, each of the wheel's "cabins" can hold up to 40 people, and will take about 30 minutes to complete a full rotation. Board the wheel at night for an outstanding spectacle of lights over the Las Vegas skyline.

Maverick Helicopter Tours | Off Strip

Just as the suggestion reads, our partners at Maverick Tours will give you the experience of a lifetime. With the option to tour the grandeur of the Grand Canyon or the awe-striking skyline of Las Vegas by helicopter. Whichever you choose, this is a breathtaking experience that is hard to miss, and hard to top. Contact our concierge services once your booking is confirmed, and we'll help schedule your discounted tour.