Picture of New York

The Suiteness Guide to New York

Spanning nearly 500 square miles and with a sprawling population of over 8.5 million inhabitants, New York is the most populated city in America. Historically serving as a port of entry for hopeful immigrants, New York today is a cultural melting pot. A hub of commerce, ethnic, and intellectual diversity that have rightly earned it its nickname by many as the "Capital of the World." Although this might be up for dispute, just try telling a New Yorker they're wrong.

As the home of the infamous Wall Street, New York City has been called both the most economically powerful city and the leading financial center of the world–not to mention being host to the United Nations. So what is there to see in New York? Everything.

New York is a cultural center of arts, fashion, culinary immersion and architectural grandiosity. Whether it's the towering skyscrapers, the electrifying bustle of Times Square, the rich sullen beauty of West Village, Central Park, the historic Grand Central, you could walk this city for years and still find something new around every corner. An essential travel destination, New York offers leisure, luxury and grand vacationing like no other city. We've put together this guide in the hopes to scratch at the wonder of this city, so let's get you started on your first of likely many visits to New York, New York!