The Suiteness Guide to Los Angeles

The City of Angels truly is blessed. If there ever was a city where you could go without a set itinerary in mind and still find plenty of things to do (and you’ll find something no matter what you’re interested in), it is Los Angeles.

But the city is so diverse (and huge) that you might not often find what you’re looking for at first glance. Ask someone how they would define L.A., and you are likely to be told about Hollywood and good-looking people with chiseled bodies and near-perfect skin. Yes, all that is true, the everyday tourist does visit L.A. to tour Hollywood and click a photo with their favorite star on the Walk of Fame, but there’s so much more to L.A. than the glitz, glamour and studio tours (although, some of the studio tours are pretty awesome – did you know you can see all of the actual Batmobiles used in the movies at the WB studio? How cool is that?!).

The beauty of Los Angeles lies in the vastly different options that make travelers fall in love with the city - whether that’s cruising on the winding Pacific coast with the wind in your hair, or driving up hilly roads of cliffs that overlook gorgeous stretches of sand, or gaze at the changing colors of a sunset sky, or capture that perfect picture with the Hollywood sign in the background or marvel at its many art galleries. And that’s not all! Los Angeles offers a unique amalgamation of cultures, bringing together some of the best in international cuisines and some very interesting museums. And of course, for the cutting edge fashion savvy, a trip to Los Angeles calls for some retail therapy with a visit to the super upscale Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or Melrose Avenue and then Robertson Boulevard to mix it up a little.

Whoever you are, and whatever you like, Los Angeles has something for everybody - and lucky for you, we work hard to bring you the best options.