Miami Nightlife

Miami Nightlife

The tragically bustling Miami nightlife is perhaps one of its biggest appeals. From chic rooftop soirees, to see-and-be-seen hotspots, the nightlife here is at once raucous, glamorous and like no other. Whether it's spring break, Art Basel week or just an average Wednesday night, the parties never end. And we mean that literally.

Story | Miami Beach

One of the largest night clubs in Miami is the ever popular Story nightclub. This enormous 27,000 square foot nightclub hosts one of the loudest and most state of the art sound systems in all of Miami. Equipped with a huge selection of neon lights and LCD display panels, this place is built to go all night long for some of the most intense parties in all of Miami. Take up a table with a large group of friends for a night you won't regret.

Basement | South Beach

Basement on a Wednesday is about as hot as a nightclubs gets. Packed inside the Miami Beach Edition hotel, this wild club hosts some of the best parties in Miami with marquee DJ's and celebrity personalities in toe. Basement opened during Art Basel in 2014 and has continued its reign as one of the most influential clubs in town. In keeping with its unique appeal, the nightclub also features a bowling alley and and iceskating rink. Drop in for some wild fun, if you can make it in.

LIV | Miami Beach

Miami's long time touted nightclub often sees the likes of celebrities, millionaires and throngs of the city's biggest trendsetters. Located at the world famous Fontainebleu hotel in Miami beach, and featuring 18,000 square feet of high profile partying, LIV was recently recognized by Reuters for it's state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment as one of the best clubs in the world.

E11even | Downtown

Offering the best the cabaretes, nightclub and theatre mediums, nights at E11even merge seamlessly form day to night and back again while it's doors never close and the party never ends. With loosely dressed dancers, ongoing light show, on point music, an upstairs restaurant and even a daytime buffet–this place is hard to beat, and leave.

Mynt Lounge | Miami Beach

A hot spot for a night out, if you can get in. Mynts' doors infamously curates it's guests from the crowds that gather outside. Dress your best and perhaps spring for bottle service for a more comfortable time.