Hawaii Nightlife

Island nightlife isn’t the same across all of the isles - some islands being more diurnal than nocturnal. That said, the chances for a long night are more often found in the Cosmopolitan Honolulu, but there is fun to be had all the same.

The Point | Nightclub | Koloa, Kauai

Located right on the water, The Point is one of the island’s most frequented clubs. It’s a good place to watch the sunset and take in the views or stay for the sunrise too. Live music and a DJ make it easy to forget the hours and dance to abandon on this South Shore party venue.

M Nightclub | Nightclub | Honolulu, Oahu

With a dress code that specifies "fashionable, upscale and classy," and a restaurant and nightclub that offers VIP bottle service and a place to dance till 4 a.m., M Nightclub is the perfect place for an all night occasion. The club also provides private parties and events, but any regular night will offer live entertainment, bringing in popular DJs and other live acts such as rappers and rock bands.

Addiction Nightclub | Nightclub | Honolulu, Oahu

Heralded by locals as the hottest nightclub in Honolulu. Addiction offers several bars, bottle service, serious dancing till 3 a.m., and a heart staggering sound system, all under 40,000 light bulbs that swarm the ceiling like a swelling wave. Located in the city's most chic hotel, The Modern, Addiction is known for drawing in Honolulu’s hippest crowds. Also, the dress code is not to be missed: Button up shirts, long pants, and covered shoes for guys, and for women "upscale casual dress is required."

Zanzabar | Nightclub | Honolulu, Oahu

Dressed in glittering Egyptian accents and jewel tones, Zanzabar spared no expense and neither does its crowd. Visitors can dive into a light and color show that will fuel the nighttime energy to keep you dancing till you drop. The music does a good job of running the full gamut from hip-hop and trance to house, techno, and top 40. Zanzabar is also Honolulu’s largest club and includes an 800-person capacity VIP room. It might sound a little excessive but folks with the right ideas should get to booking!