The geographic and cultural diversity of the Hawaiian islands has something to offer for any kind of visitor. From snowy mountaintops to beach bum surfing in the spread of one day, Hawaii offers an experience like no other. The beauty of the isles doesn’t just come from its 750 miles of beach coastline, but by the sheer outsize number of opportunities to experience something new.

Border lush jungles and the ocean as you cruise down the road to Hana, awake to a sun swept beach and gaze out at rainbows birthed by distant mountain rains, hike the volcanic summits of the Big Island, pamper your palate with Honolulu’s heritage rich cuisine or forget the world on a deserted beach in Maui.

There are six main islands open to the public, each one unique and offering something new after the next. So much so that choosing which one to visit for the first time can be taxing and almost antithetical to very idea of planning a vacation. Luckily we’ve put together a guide that should help you plan that vacation. So let’s get to it and explore the best each has to offer.