While we think any company can do with a suite in San Francisco to come together and bond as a team, we encourage only startups operating between 0-5 years to apply for Suiteness Startup Suite.



Startups across the US are welcome to apply.



Suiteness Startup Suite requires no funding minimum or maximums for startups to apply. Whether you’re only starting off or are already a million dollar startup, we want to hear from you. All we care about is how much you need that suite in San Francisco and how you will use the suite to stay together as a team.



Suiteness Startup Suite does not have any restrictions on company size in order for a startup to apply. However, the suite that you will be rewarded with, if you are selected to be the winner, might have a maximum capacity of guests allowed. You can refer to the official rules for more information.


Questions? Please refer to official rules or contact us using the form below.