Suiteness BlogSuite Dreams: The TriBeCa Penthouse, New YorkWritten by Divya MulanjurPublished April 21, 2016

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Suite Dreams: The TriBeCa Penthouse

We are often asked what the most luxurious suites on Suiteness are. Although it’s a tough question to answer, there are a few suites that really stand out to us – the type of suite you dream of when you think about your ideal vacation. We are thinking of suites like, The TriBeCa Penthouse at The Greenwich Hotel, NY. For some, it is the massive and stunning floor plan that draws them to the TriBeCa Penthouse while for others, it is the minimalist design, but for us it’s the exquisite attention to detail that puts this magnificent suite in our favorites list. Not to mention, it’s one of the top destinations for celebrities and VIPs looking for a secluded yet luxurious New York stay.

The Greenwich Hotel

The Greenwich Hotel was opened in 2008 by celebrity turned hotelier Robert De Niro. Met with rave reviews upon its opening, the hotel saw an influx of young fashionable travelers looking to experience the quaint TriBeCa neighborhood. The entire hotel is designed with furnishings drawn from various cultural inspirations creating a fascinating collection of art works, and inner decor. The Greenwich Hotel hosts 88 rooms and suites, of which no two are alike, but the crown jewel of the Greenwich Hotel has to be their jaw-dropping TriBeCa Penthouse.

The TriBeCa Penthouse

Created by Japanese architect Tatsuro Miki and world-renowned Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt, this exquisitely designed three-bedroom penthouse is one of the most unusual suites in all of Manhattan. Located on the top floors of the Greenwich Hotel, this magnificent penthouse suite is a testament to the genius design and meticulous planning of both Tatsuro Miki and Axel Vervoordt.

The Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic

What makes this suite so unique is its full dedication to the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic. Wabi-Sabi revolves around the idea of embracing the world around you, with all its imperfections. When Tatsuro Miki and Axel Vervoordt set out to design this monumental penthouse they wanted it to embrace the local environment and be a part of the TriBeCa surroundings. They were able to achieve this by salvaging a lot of the surroundings and reappropriating to use as decor within the penthouse.



The Wabi-Sabi design principles call for a conscious use of space, materials, intimacy, and an overall harmony with its surrounding. Throughout the spacious penthouse you will be able to see the stripped back and simplistic design at work, with nearly every corner of the penthouse specifically crafted to create an overall feeling of oneness and unity.



Making of the Tribeca Penthouse

Interior Design

Traveling through the suite you start to pick up on the various textures, surfaces and objects that all have been specifically crafted for that space. Each object has an innate purpose of creating unity and flow within the room. The roughly textured walls provide character and definition while creating an asymmetric beauty that is unmatched by any other hotel suite you’ll come across. The color palette of the suite contains various earthy tones of grays, sand, rust and charcoal, evoking that feeling of unity between nature and structure.

Each piece of furniture or art collected for this suite was salvaged or reclaimed from the surrounding area, then shaped and formed to fit the space in the most natural way possible. A lot of what you see in the suite is re-purposed from the New York rail yards, old markets, weathered table tops and industrial beams. Though very minimal in style, this incredible suite carries so much attention to detail you will get lost in all the subtle imperfections that make it truly one of  a kind.

Exterior Design

 One of the most stunning elements of the TriBeCa Penthouse is the outdoor terrace and garden. Stretching across the majority of the Greenwich Hotel’s rooftop, this secluded and immersive garden will make you forget you’re in the burgeoning heart of the city. Throughout the garden, you find a beautiful contrast of the weathered red brick against the lush green plants that slowly grow upon the eves and reclaim the space. You’ll also find a stone built Jacuzzi tub outside, reminiscent of a hot spring pool.



Among other outdoor highlights is the massive reclaimed wooden banquet table that’s situated on the outdoor terrace, with enough space to host a large party or for a get-together. Hanging from the terrace you will also find these one-of-a-kind hand crafted copper light fixtures that help provide a dimly lit, charming ambiance and a whole lot of character for the suite.

Who Stays at the TriBeCa Penthouse?

 The TriBeCa Penthouse isn’t for everyone, coming in with a hefty price tag of $15,000 /night. However this fascinating suite sees the likes of celebrities and wealthy business men quite often. Some of the most notable stays at the TriBeCa Penthouse include Beyoncé, Jennifer Anniston, Katy Perry, the Olsen twins, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kanye West just to name a few. The hotel itself has become synonymous with celebrity sightings – stay there for a chance to see a few celebs yourself!



There truly is something special about the suite – maybe it’s the intense attention to detail, or the stripped back simplistic approach to its design, or the hours of endless dedication and craftsmanship that has clearly gone into creating every square inch of this marvelous penthouse. Or maybe it’s all of these things that makes it special! We know it’s all these reasons that makes the TriBeCa Penthouse one of our most prized suites and one that we’ll forever dream about.