Suites For Groups in Austin

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The only place to book connecting hotel rooms and suites. Here's how.

Booking rooms for groups when visiting Austin can become a bit tricky. If you're looking at a traditional hotel website it might take forever to actually track down suites large enough for six or more people. Even trying to book two rooms next to each other is a hassle. And if you decide to go with one of those home rental services? You'll pay an arm and a leg. The price you see quoted on the website is never the price you end up paying. There are insane booking fees that go to nobody it seems, yet you are stuck paying almost 20% over the agreed upon price. But what can you do? Shouldn't there be a better option for booking a hotel suite for a large group? There is, finally, and it comes in the form of Suiteness where you can book a suite online or use the provided concierge services. 

Connecting rooms is a major benefit that Suiteness offers. Sometimes you have a large enough party where you want everyone to be comfortable but have nearby rooms. This is possible with the help of connecting rooms, which have doors that connect the rooms together. Suiteness can help make sure these rooms are booked and ready for your use.

Suiteness is different from the other booking services out there. For starters, it works directly with you and the larger group size you have to find rooms that fit your accommodation needs. No matter the neighborhood you're looking for, if you want connecting suites or what kind of event you're partaking in, the professional concierge service makes sure you are well taken care of. You'll never be forced to try and call someone in another country with your issues or what you're looking for, only to be passed around from one agent to the next. Suiteness  understands how different finding rooms for larger groups is, which is exactly why it aims to offer you the best suites for groups in Austin. 

The concierge service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if you have a question regarding your current booking or need to make a booking in the next few days, all of this can be taken care of. Best of all, if you discover you need something extra at the last minute or even during your trip, all you need to do is contact your Suiteness concierge and they will be on it. This is how travel is supposed to be. So no matter how many times you've visited Austin in the past, you can enjoy it to its fullest with the help of Sutieness.