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The second largest US state, Texas boasts plenty of reservoirs, lakes, and acres of green lands for nature lovers. Also known as The Lone Star State, Texas offers culturally rich cities that stand in stark contrast to its magnificent rugged terrains. As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas; from the overly-generous portion sizes in restaurants, to towering buildings and even spectacular prairies that seem to stretch out for miles. Because it is so immense, Texas does offer something for just about everyone: from mule and horse riding to line dancing, exploring the state’s cultural legacy or simply embarking on a Texan culinary adventure, there’s certainly plenty to do in Texas. And if you’re passing by Austin, stop in one of its many eateries for a plate of barbecued ribs, served with traditional Texan side dishes such as Southern Greens, Chipotle Aioli, and Country Potato Salad, among others. Whether you’re exploring the rugged terrain with friends or experiencing the culinary scene, Suiteness can curate your perfect Texas getaway.

Cities in Texas