Suiteness BlogRemote Work TipsWritten by Blaire McCoyPublished February 9, 2023

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Remote Work Tips

Some companies still struggle with concepts like remote work — restaurants and hospitality organizations are ranked at the bottom — while others are embracing the concept of this remote lifestyle, specifically in the tech and media industry. Here is a report on flexible work trends. Scoop states, nearly half of the 4,000 employers surveyed offer some type of location flexibility, with 1/3 the ability to be fully remote. The other half, however, still make employees show up every day... Now, there is the Flex Index, a tool to let people on the job hunt look up a company’s remote policy to know what they’re getting into. If you're working remote, here are some tips to get you into a good groove:


Having access to good and consistent wifi is an absolute must. If your company is providing your wifi service, great! If not, look into your cell phone plan or your local internet providers and see what options are available. You can also click here for some unique traveling tools that can also be helpful when you're on the road.


Finding a designated area for you to call your own is important, removing noise and distractions. Studies have shown by doing this it will eliminate stressors in your life and allow you to focus. Here is a link to one we enjoy.

Get up and move:

Break up your day and find time to stretch and move your body. You're not commuting any longer so make sure you're not sitting around in front of your desk or screen all day. Stand up at least once an hour, drink a lot of water (40 oz. of water minimum per day) and move your body.

Find your routine:

This will be trial and error. See what fits for you. Be quick in trying new things that work for you like blocking time out on your calendar for answering emails on specific days of the week for several hours on certain days only or having a designated get together time with team members for you to connect with them for collaboration projects. If it's not working though, don't be afraid to stop yourself and try something new.

Interested in that digital nomad lifestyle? We have a helpful guide on that here.