Suiteness BlogEverything You Need To Know About SuitenessWritten by Divya MulanjurPublished March 9, 2016

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How To Book A Suite Online: The Complete Guide.

Frustrated with your attempts to book a suite in a luxury hotel online? We have a simple solution 🙂

What is Suiteness?

We started Suiteness in 2013 with a simple goal: make it easier for families and friends to take more vacations that allow them to stay connected with the people in their lives they care about the most. We make it possible to book connecting hotel rooms you can’t find anywhere else, perfect for groups of four or more. Suiteness works directly with hotels to access their floor plans and find every adjoining room option available, offering an affordable alternative to often unpredictable vacation rentals. Plus, our team provides real support from real people, giving you more time to make memories with friends and family.

How does Suiteness pick its hotels?

Each hotel and suite listed on our platform is personally curated by our team to ensure the best experience possible. We have a strict standard set for the quality of our hotel partners and go through a rigorous process of quality assurance to make sure these hotels offer the best service possible. When it comes to our inventory we only carry the best four and five-star hotels. We make sure that every hotel has a great selection of suites, is conveniently located and lives up to the strict standards we set.

What is a connecting room? How does it work?

When we say that a suite has a connecting room essentially what that means is, that specific suite has the ability to connect to an adjoining room to give you extra space, an extra bed and bathroom. Many of the larger suites use these connecting suites in order to create more room for larger groups. We prominently mark our connecting suites with an “exclusive” banner to show you which suites are exclusive to our platform only. Currently Suiteness is the only platform that allows for the booking of connecting rooms online.

What does the personal concierge entail?

When you book through Suiteness one of the perks is that you also get our complimentary concierge allowing you to book events, activities, reservations and essentially anything else you can think of. After booking you can make a specific request by contacting our team through the confirmation email.

What is the Best Price Guarantee?

At Suiteness we promise the best prices, no matter what. That means if you find a price somewhere else on the same suite that beats our price, we’ll match their price. This goes for the penthouses, villas and bungalows too.

How does Price-to-book vs. Instant Booking work?

At Suiteness we offer two different kinds of bookings. The first is our instant booking option. With the instant booking option you’ll notice the lightning bolt next to the booking button, this means that once you book, you’ll instantly have your reservation set for your trip.

The second form of booking is our Price-to-book option our Price-to-book section is a little bit more involved. When trying to book a Priced-to-book room you’ll notice that the suite’s price is set to the average price of this suite. In order to book the suite you’ll need to put in a suite request. For many of our exclusive suites we need to approve the booking with the hotel in order to confirm your order. Because of this it usually takes up to 72 hours to process a request and get back to you with the confirmation on your booking. When we get back to you with the confirmation sometimes the price can vary from the average depending on the demand, however we still assure you that we can price match that same suite with anyone on the market.

Are Suites Cheaper?

It depends, at face value Suites are typically more expensive than a room, but once you take into account all the perks and things that come along with it, it can actually make more sense to book a suite. For example if you book a suite through Suiteness you get lots of great services and features that come along with it. Depending on the suite you book, you can get amenities like a fully stocked bar, free entry to special events, priority reservations even a personal butler. With these types of amenities you start to see the real value of suites and that is service.

What cities is Suiteness in?

Currently Suiteness is running in Las Vegas, New York, Miami, London and Los Angeles and will be expanding to new cities over the course of this year. We plan on launching our international cities shortly and are excited to bring our customers a whole host of new suites allowing them to enjoy a luxurious stay wherever they go.

When is the best time to book a suite?

Typically the best time to book a suite is around 50 days out when booking 50 days out you are insuring a few things. The first being the availability of the suite. Many of these suites get booked up quickly when certain events pop up so booking in advance is usually the best way to make sure you get your room. The second reason to book around 50 days out is the rates are typically going to be at the lowest rates you’ll be able to find around this time. The closer you get to the date of your trip the more you can expect to pay. Obviously this all depends on location, dates and what’s going on in town during those dates but a general rule of 50 days out will help you plan a lot of your travel plans seamlessly.

Can we pay as a group?

At Suiteness we do have the ability to do group pay. So if you are traveling in a group and want to split the bill between all the members of the group we can help you do that. This is especially helpful for those that like to plan group trips or even family vacations where multiple suites or connecting suites are involved.

What is is the organization we’ve set up to help give back to the cities that we operate in. For each city we have a network of charities that are devoted to building better communities. At Suiteness we give back to make the communities we operate in to help in making them better places. With every booking a portion of our sales goes back to a charity partner of your choice.

Why use Suiteness?

Suiteness takes the stress out of travel. Through our simple and elegant platform you are connected instantly with thousands of suite results without ever having to pick up a phone or deal with a sales person at the hotel. What really sets Suiteness apart is the amazing service we provide. Through our concierge program we make sure that you’re taken care of from the moment you book to the moment you return home. Through Suiteness you’re enabled to travel better, together.