Suiteness BlogAnd the winner of Startup Suite is… Yip Yap!Written by Divya MulanjurPublished October 27, 2017

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Suiteness Startup Suite

The first ever Startup Suite organized by Suiteness saw six startups apply for a chance at winning a three-night stay in a luxury suite at Hotel Zeppelin San Francisco and the chance to meet with top VCs in the city. Startups that applied include, College Consortium, CoralDocs, Venuse, Yip Yap, and Readwise.

Close to two months and two phases of submission later, we have a winner for Suiteness Startup Suite.

Startup Suite Winner: Yip Yap

Yip Yap is a mobile communications company that develops solutions that help connect kids safely to the people and content they love. The company was co-founded by Angela Smith, mother of four young kids and Michael Smith, a wireless industry veteran of nearly 20 years.

Yip Yap has created a solution that allows parents to give their kids a mobile device that is completely managed by them using an app on their smartphone. The app lets parents manage and curate content and contacts on their kids’ mobile device straight from their own phones.

The Yip Yap team

Yip Yap launched its first product, Pipsqueak in 2016 which has apps and features such as calling, YouTube, photos, videos, and games. Learn more about PipSqueak and Yip Yap here.