Suiteness BlogWhat To Do With Your Travel CreditsWritten by Blaire McCoyPublished January 18, 2023

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What To Do With Your Travel Credits

We’ve all been there–plans change, weather happens, and flights get canceled. The last few years have served up plenty of reasons to make changes to our travel plans, from a global pandemic to the most recent winter storm that grounded millions of people over the holidays. The question becomes, what do we do with the credits left over from a canceled trip?

Check the fine print to see when the credits expire

Review the websites of the airlines, hotels, and/or car rental services you’ve booked for your canceled trip to see when your credits expire. Many companies give you up to a year to use your credits, but some can expire in less time. If your credits are going to expire sooner than you’d like, you can usually request an extension through the company’s website. If you’ve booked a hotel suite through Suiteness, our award-winning concierge can help you identify how long you have to rebook with your credits.

Use them on an awesome travel deal

Keep your eyes peeled for low fares or opportunities to upgrade your travel. Time your next trip for off-season travel; this maximizes the value of your credits. You may even be able to find a business class seat at a discounted rate. Check out Suiteness’s Deals page to find the best hotel bookings for your credits! 

Combine points from a travel credit card, maximize savings

If you’ve booked any of your travel with a travel credit card (i.e. Chase Southwest or AMEX Delta), they usually provide extra protections in the event your travel gets canceled. Double check your card’s policy for canceled travel. Once you have your next trip in mind, you can also save up your card’s rewards points to use toward booking a hotel or a rental car. 

You can maximize travel credits to give yourself more opportunities, whether it’s more travel or more space—perhaps even a connecting room or suite. What will you do with your travel credits?