Suiteness BlogSuiteness Scoots Debuts Offering “Room-to-Room” ServiceWritten by Lauren GraffortPublished March 27, 2019

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Why connect your family’s hotel rooms when you can scoot to them instead?

If you’ve booked your hotel rooms on a site other than Suiteness, you know they are never next to each other. You don’t want to share one room with your family, but you still want them close by—you’re on vacation together, after all.

Presenting Suiteness Scoots, the next evolution in intra-hotel personal transport. Truly, the first in-hallway scooter rental innovation offering “room-to-room” service.

Developed at Suiteness X, the innovation lab inside Suiteness, the scooters were purposefully designed to be environmentally friendly using a proprietary “zero-emissions” model. Walking between your rooms on different floors can take forever, but now you can get to your destination twice as fast with the same carbon footprint as walking—zero!

“At Suiteness X, we are always striving to connect people and make vacations easier, so Suiteness Scoots was the next logical step. Today we are unveiling to the world the next evolution in intra-hotel personal transportation,” said Chanandler Bong, Chief Dreamer at Suiteness X. “In the future, we believe hotel hallways will be designed around these scooters. We are pushing the envelope of what you expect from your hotel experience, and ultimately making the world a better place.”

Suiteness’ more than half a million members can choose from 17,000 hotel properties in nearly 2,000 destinations to book connecting hotel rooms with instant confirmation and a low price guarantee. But if you’re not a member, you can’t guarantee your rooms will connect. That’s where Suiteness Scoots comes in—now you can simply download the app, rent a scooter, and pay just $1 per ride and 25 cents per minute.

Beginning on April 1, 2019, thousands of Suiteness Scoots will be dropped unexpectedly in hotel hallways around the country and be available for immediate use. Until then, Suiteness Scoots is invite only.