Suiteness BlogThe Suite Side of Family VacationsWritten by Divya MulanjurPublished May 16, 2016

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 The Suite Side of Family Vacations

Every parent knows that traveling with a family can be tough.  From quieting your baby on an airplane to making sure that older kids stay entertained, there’s a lot to worry about when you bring your children with you on vacation.  Letting the kids tag along can also be expensive, and you might be tempted to seek out cheaper hotel options to help keep the cost down.

But before you start your hunt for bargain rooms, consider that the hotel you pick can make or break your vacation.  This is true for any kind of trip, but especially for family vacations.  When it comes to traveling with kids, you will want to choose a hotel that makes it easier to deal with complications that might come your way, whether that be a bored child or an urgent need for some adults-only time.  Only a suite makes it easy for you to confront such challenges without sacrificing hours of your vacation.  Read on to find out why a suite is a must for family vacations.

Family Friendly Amenities

Many hotel suites come with amenities geared towards making your family vacation just a little bit easier. For example, the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, offers a room service menu with options specifically for infants, children, and young teenagers.  Suites are also fitted with large televisions, which are a perfect complement to the hotel’s massive lending library of children’s DVDs. Similarly, Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas provides parents with essentials like cribs, bottle warmers and sterilizers, blankets, bibs, and diapers. Suites at this hotel also come with fully stocked kitchenettes, allowing parents to stave off a child’s hunger-fueled temper tantrum in the nick of time.  What’s more, in the unlikely event that you can’t get what you need from your hotel, many suites come with a butler whose job it is to supply whatever you or your children need.

Activities Galore

There exists a popular belief that children are easily entertained.  Even so, all parents are far too familiar with the phrase “I’m bored,” and hearing it from your kids when you’re trying to relax is annoying at best and deeply frustrating at worst.  Fortunately, many luxury hotel suites come with access to activities that will keep your kids entertained for hours.  For instance, the Mirage Resort & Casino, located in Las Vegas, offers puppet shows and Cirque du Soleil performances, which are probably two of the city’s most PG rated performances.

Events like these are great for the whole family, but there are undoubtedly some events that parents will want to attend by themselves.  Fortunately, many luxury hotels provide on-site childcare that is both safe and convenient.  If you’re worried that your kids won’t enjoy their time away from you, don’t be.  Your kids will be having so much fun that they’ll hardly notice your absence, whether it’s for a few hours, and evening, or even an entire day.  At Loews Miami Beach Hotel, for example, kids will have a blast at SoBe Kids Camp, which organizes activities like sand castle competitions, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, and water balloon fights.  There are also options for teens, such as shopping events, video games, and more!

Safety: The Ultimate Concern

For parents, the safety of their children is obviously top priority.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that moms and dads need, or want, to be in the same room with their children every moment.  Striking the perfect balance between supervision and privacy is often difficult to attain at home, but it becomes even more difficult during vacations.  As a parent, you’re often faced with a choice.  Do you you want to share a bedroom with your children, ensuring that you’ll always be in their company, or do you want to give them their own, completely separate room, allowing them a degree of independence that you might not be comfortable with?

This question has always been a difficult one to answer.  That is, until now.  The good news is that suites have made it possible for parents to achieve precisely the degree of supervision that they feel is best for their family.  Suites provide separate bedrooms for parents and kids, while also housing common areas where kids and parents can spend time together.  But even when they’re spending some time apart, parents will be able to obtain some peace of mind with the knowledge that their children are just a door away.

The Problem With Hotel Suites

Despite the many obvious benefits that luxury hotel suites offer travelers, many people are hesitant to book them.  For some, just the word “suite” has an elitist or snobbish connotation that is enough to deter them from making a reservation.  Others are turned off by the difficulties that sometimes come with trying to book a hotel suite, since the process often involves several phone call and hours of online research.

The Suiteness Solution

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