Suiteness BlogSuiteness, Let's Get This StartedWritten by Robbie BhathalPublished January 5, 2015

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The Founding of Suiteness

We founded Suiteness in 2014 with a single goal in mind: Let customers book exclusive suites they never knew existed. In a way they never knew was possible. By doing this we look to provide our customers with uniquely unforgettable experiences, while providing them a simplistic way to access the best hotel suites available.

We love travel and fundamentally believe we are most happy when traveling. Travel provides an escape, and time to deepen our connections with friends and family. It’s an opportunity to experience new things, learn about new cultures and meet new people. Travel fills us with inspiration and ideas. It’s for these reasons that we want to bring the best possible travel experiences to our customers.

For us, the ideal trip starts with where you stay. Your room has a huge effect on your vacation. Peace, comfort, space, these are things that we see as essential to the perfect vacation and yet are so often overlooked.

Now days the options are abundant for where you can stay, yet one fact remains, the hotel is the ideal option. Although vacation rentals can tout the “home away from home experience,” there is something slightly unsettling and uncomfortable about staying in a stranger’s home. In fact that’s a major reason why many of us travel, to escape the daily responsibilities of home.

You deserve more, you deserve better, you should not be burdened with the maintenance of someone else’s home. You should not only get the best suite accommodation but deserve the top of line treatment, space, service and personalization only a hotel and their suites can provide.

We are here to help you find your Suite escape. We give you access to unbelievable suites that fit your exact need. These rooms transcend any star rating, offering perks, amenities and conveniences only found at our select hotel partners.

  • You want a two bedroom with a common area so you can have your privacy at night but still share a common room with your family or friends – of course!
  • You want a suite for a sales meeting, with food and wine delivered for meetings with executives – why not?
  • You want a butler to greet you, private entrance, free wifi, and breakfast on the house – absolutely!

Our app allows you simplified access to booking the most amazing suites, all from the convenience of your home. In the past, booking a suite meant having to pick up the phone, sign contracts, and sit through with multiple interactions just to get to the booking process. Since your time is money, we thought we’d simplify the process for you. Through our relevance engine we’re able to find you the ideal suite that matches your needs, across various luxury hotels.

We are now live in Vegas with access to over 200 kinds of suites at the very best resorts. Though we’re headquartered in Oakland, we chose to launch in Las Vegas because it’s iconic. A place where people go to escape, have fun and lose all inhibitions. A place perfectly tailored to the luxury traveler, and a place we love. Through the growth and success of Suiteness we will expand to new cities in the near future.