Miami Neighborhood Guide

Miami Beach

The famous Miami Beach was once considered the Riviera of 1950's America. Known for its all-inclusive hotels and as the rat-pack stomping ground for infamous mobsters like Al Capone. A bastion of chic Hollywood lifestyle, Miami Beach fell out of popularity for some time. However, a resurgence of interest, high-rise hotels and the South Beach renaissance have made it a tourist sensation. Today Miami Beach is one the most popular destination for travel in the world. A rich hub of culture, luxury tourism and flash Art Deco architecture Miami Beach is a city in itself. Visitors will find a concentration of world-class hotels and the perks of an international city, a city complete with free Wi-Fi with 95% coverage outside, which means on the sand and while you shop on the famous Lincoln Road.

South Beach

A stalwart of Caribbean-chich cafe society, South Beach is home to a number of characters from artistic eccentrics, to young locals, snowbirds and fashionable celebrities. But beyond the beautiful people and the hip-nightlife is the largest concentration of Art Deco architecture in the world, all within South Beach's Art Deco district. Between a thriving culinary scene, glamorous crowd, hot nightlife and the pastel-colored buildings, residents of this neighborhood has little to envy. You can't do Miami if you don't do South Beach.

Bal Harbour

Located on the northern part of the Miami beach area (or island), the ritzy Bal Harbor offers scenic views, designer shops and a more quite and relaxing stay away from the bustle of South Beach. While a little more on the sleepy side, Bal Harbour features some of the best luxury shopping in town and many of the best luxury hotels in Miami with the St. Regis, Ritz Carlton and a few others.

Coconut Grove

Once an artsy, hippie hangout during the psychedelic '60s, Coconut Grove is now instead a commercial success and a more relaxed, family friendly option for visiting Miami. Away from the jam packed beaches of Miami Beach but still close enough to wriggle your toes in the sand all day long, Coconut Grove is If you're looking to take a family trip to Miami to relax and enjoy some beautiful scenery without all the crazy parties and nightlife, Coconut Grove may be just the spot for you. Also, Coconut Grove features some amazing hotels like the JW Marriot, Four Seasons, Conrad Miami and Mandarin Oriental Miami.

Key Biscayne

Contrary to what it's name suggests, Key Biscayne is not a part of the Florida keys. Located south of Miami Beach, Key Biscayne is unconcerned with the troubles of the mainland. Predominantly an exclusive residential area for Miami's wealthiest, Key Biscayne also offers great public beaches, resort hotels, world-class tennis facilities, and the city's premier spot for windsurfing, sailboarding, and jet-skiing. While perhaps offering less to tourists than most other areas, it is always worth the drive for those looking to soak up all of the cities surroundings. It's also not a bad spot to rent a boat with a group and drive out to the sand banks.