Getting Around Los Angeles

Gettin Around Los Angeles

Fly to Los Angeles

Given it's sheer size, Los Angeles offers five serviceable airports: three of which are international (Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX, LA/Ontario International Airport and John Wayne Airport) and two domestic airports (Bob Hope Airport and Long Beach Airport). Most flights will come in through LAX, naturally making it the busiest airport in the city, but also the most convenient point of arrival due to its close proximity to central L.A.

Getting Around Los Angeles

The Los Angeles traffic is basically the stuff of nightmares, so if you're hitting the 101 around rush hour...brace for impact. Despite this, the freeway is still the best way to get around town, so renting a car is likely your best bet and, except for a few areas in Downtown, parking is reasonably cheap and available.

If you happen to opt out of renting we'll be frank, taxis are available at all major airports and hotels, but if you hop into one you'll feel like you're getting charged just for breathing in there. That said, the wonders of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are always there to save the day and continually anger cabbies! Our bad? Do keep in mind, LA also boasts a metro line and a bus line, although neither have exactly the best rep in town.