What to do in Las Vegas

What to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Activities

For those visiting Vegas longer than a weekend interested in more than the wine, dine and party atmosphere of the Strip, have no fear. There’s plenty else to do in and around Las Vegas to satiate any kind of thrill seekers. Be sure to check out our concierge services when booking with Suiteness to receive exclusive rates for all our Las Vegas activities.

Las Vegas Exotic Car Racing

With options ranging from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren, Aston Martin and a lot more Exotics Racing lets you race your dream car on a private circuit. Boasting of the world’s largest fleet of exotics, you can customize your own multi-car package for the day floor it. Wear out your thirst for exotics and speed with this unparalleled experience.

Las Vegas Gun Range

With an impressive arsenal, and the VIP option of a private hostess, restaurant and bar, The Range 702 will satisfy any gun enthusiast's needs. Oh and did we mention this is Las Vegas biggest indoor shooting range? You can also sign up for a day class or just fire away!

Las Vegas ATV Tour

Tour the multi-terrains of the Nellis Dunes in the great Las Vegas desert outdoors behind the wheel of a rugged ATV. Las Vegas ATV Tours offers up to two and half hours of action, Hotel Pick up/return, lunch refreshments & gear (skip the open toe shoes PLEASE). Oh, and you won’t need a licence or passport so everyone is good to go.

Las Vegas Limo Services

Party it up on the strip, shop ‘til you drop, catch a quick show, get married or impress your friends. Our friends at AWG Ambassador set you up with an exclusive selection of cars and limousines. After all It’s Vegas, and if you’re doing Vegas, do it right.