Four Bedroom Suites in Las Vegas

4 bedroom suites in Las Vegas are the ultimate luxury in space, amenities, personalized services, and for an altogether epic Vegas stay. Because you have 4 separate bedrooms, you will, rest assured have your privacy when needed and thanks to all that space in common areas, you will have enough places to get together as a group. The size of these suites range from around 2,300 sq. ft. to around 3,600 sq. ft., and are equipped with 4 or 5 real beds. In case of extra guests, the hotel might provide you with roll-away beds on request, if the suite does not already have full sofa beds. Typically, a 4 bedroom suite in Las Vegas can accommodate up to 10 guests, but we have some that can even do 12 guests.

4 Bedroom Suites in Las Vegas
Four Bedroom Suites In Las Vegas Stats

Four Bedroom Suites in Las Vegas 1
Hotel with the most Four Bedroom Suites in Las Vegas Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace
Total Pictures of Four Bedroom Suites 7
Average Star Rating 4.00

Four Bedroom Suites For Up To 12 People