About Suiteness

Suiteness was founded in 2014 with a simple goal: let anyone book connected hotel suites online.

Suiteness is the only website dedicated to connected hotel rooms, suites, and penthouses. We have an exclusive hotel suite inventory that lets you book highly sought after suites at the best prices – some of these suites haven’t ever been listed online before! Got a group of four or more? Book on Suiteness and stay together instead of booking separate rooms.

Experience amenities like personalized check-ins, 24/7 butlers, and private pools – the good stuff that you thought was reserved for VIPs, tailored specifically to your every desire.

The 5 Bedroom Terrace Suite at The Mark, NYC - Suiteness Blog

When you book on Suiteness, you also get access to our complimentary personal concierge service. Our personal concierge will take care of your every trip need, from the moment you book till you get back home.

So if you have seen a picture of the perfect honeymoon suite in London, or have imagined the most happening bachelor party in your private Las Vegas terrace, but never found a way to get access, try Suiteness! We provide a single access point to the best hotel suites and we’ve been told our website is fun, clean and easy to navigate!

Have questions? Here is everything you need to know. Or contact us.

Or just book a suite 🙂