About Us

We started Suiteness in 2014 with a simple goal: let anyone book exclusive luxury hotel suites they never knew existed, online. Suiteness has access to the most luxurious suites in the world. Experience amenities like private entrances, personal butlers, and even private pools. Never before have these suites been available for booking online, but now with Suiteness you are able to get easy access to the perfect luxury suite tailored specifically to your every desire.


  • Robbie Bhathal

    Robbie Bhathal

    Robbie has background in venture finance, online innovation, scaling start up enterprises, and over a decade of management experience. He's also held positions at Capital One Innovation Labs, Pubmatic, Lakewood Capital and Indian Creek Capital.

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  • Stephen Caudill

    Stephen Caudill

    Stephen has over fifteen years of experience in developing innovative web applications and API’s. His experience includes leadership positions at Outpace Systems, Inc., and Hashrocket Inc. where he served as Principal Developer.

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  • Kyle Killion

    Kyle Killion

    Kyle brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, business building and innovation to the Suiteness team. He’s held senior product management positions at Apartment List, Yelp and Coupa, as well as co-founding maccontrol.

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  • Fred Bean Fred Bean

    Founder & CEO - HotelPORT

  • Kristie Goshow Kristie Goshow

    SVP of Commercial - Viceroy Hotel Group

  • Evan Konwiser Evan Konwiser

    VP Digital Traveler - American Express

  • Itamar Novick Itamar Novick

    CBO - Life360

  • Sunil Rajaraman Sunil Rajaraman

    CEO - Scripted


Suiteness is funded by world class investors such as Bullpen Capital, Global Founders Capital, Funders Club, Structure Capital, Max Levchin, Scott and Cyan Banister, and Vegas Valley Angels.